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Cooking and Nutrition, 
the Kitchen Sessions 

learning lab 
for self
And SUccess


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Discover the ABC's of nutrition and all about nutrients. Nutrients keep us young and strong, and help us have healthy skin, teeth and hair. 

Discover how to turn your tap water into safe, clean water


Learn how to reduce your exposure to toxins, identify the hotspots around you, enjoy better health and peace of mind.

Discover what toxins cause:

  1. Obesity

  2. breathing and sleeping troubles

  3. Depression

  4. hormone imbalance

  5. undesirable pain and suffering

Organic cooking lessons for kids
Treat your child to this super fun organic cooking class with surprising guests!


Organic SOUP MAking for Families
Learn how to make delicious & nutritious homemade soup! 
Content: Soup prep, grocery shopping, making of the soup, cooking with clean water, cooking, nutrients, water filtration. 

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Water AND US

Water Health
The Invisible Water Crisis

The Invisible Water Crisis

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