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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Bringing People and Solutions Together.

We're on a mission to save the planet. To us that means expanding awareness and education about issues affecting the common elements we all share on this vibrant wonderful planet. These elements comprise our environment and ecosystems: the Land, Air, Water, Sky, Animals, Trees, Forests, Oceans, Mountains, Dirt beneath our feet, the Soil, and the Food Supply and all the organisms and pollinators.


Through humanity's growth and development, events have occurred that have caused harm to the earth and all its ecosystems, its animals, its forests, its prairies, its hills and valleys, and all the creatures big and small, near and far.    


Time to Save the Planet

Now is the time for Caring and Helping. Through our educational materials and publications we strive to increase public awareness of solutions to the vital issues harming us all. To saving the planet! Acting together we--meaning, all of us can reduce, solve, and eliminate the problems harming our planet. Instead of harm, let's create harmony. Instead of poisoning, let's nourish. Instead of war, let's choose peace. Instead of later, let's act now.

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